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  • Holiday 2016

    cat ice skating, holiday newsletter

    The holidays are here!  This year has flown by, yet sometimes it feels endless.  In my world I couldn’t believe Halloween was coming and now Thanksgiving has passed in the blink of an eye.  

    I hope this Winter newsletter brings a smile to your face and also imparts some valuable information. We've included a story from Lori about Charlie the stray cat, and a story about my experience welcoming a new cat into my home,  Lauryn has provided some information about what to expect at an appointment with a Veteriniarian Technician.  And last but not least, we've listed some gifts that our own pets are begging Santa Claws for this year!  Happy Holidays from all of us at Rockledge Vet!

  • Holiday 2015

    rockledge vet holiday newsletter

    Where has the time gone? As I write this, the last of the Halloween candy is gone, Thanksgiving plans are made, and the multitude of Christmas prep details are fast approaching. I admit I am a procrastinator - most of the time because I think too much and the minutiae gets in the way of my productivity. I think about getting things done ahead of time. I plan on being early, putting up the tree before the middle of December, having my outfits picked out, and the gifts wrapped, but it never seems to happen that way. However, it always works out in the end and everything is a success, so I hope that this newsletter fits the mold. I have a variety of things to share with you, from "how-to" tips to toy recommendations, and some thought provoking ideas.

    So, to all of you, your friends and families, I and the RVC Family wish you the happiest of Holiday seasons and a very Happy New Year…. Kathy

  • Summer 2015

    dog ice cream recipe

    It was a long, cold winter and thankfully summer is here.  It has been several months since we put out a newsletter, but things happen, and here we are now...

    We have a plethora of information for you.  In this newsletter you will find articles about about the strange things our pets ingest, Dr. Rice’s chew toy tips, uses for herbs in our pets’ care, traditional flea/tick treatments, and how to determine the right time to stop treatment for ailing pets. This is a timely article for the RVC family, as several members of our team are dealing with end of life and treatment decisions for their pets. We are a close family and it is a tough time for us all.

    On a lighter note, try the homemade ice cream treat for your dog or cat. Yes, some cats do like peanut butter and banana! You can also substitute other fruits, such as blueberries or melon. A safe and fun summer for you and your family. -Kathy

  • Holiday 2014 Newsletter and Gift Guide

    holiday 2014 newsletter

    The Holidays are upon us once again and how this year has flown by.  Is it that life is more hectic, or am I just getting old? Umm, I’ll opt for door number one, thank you.  In this issue of our newsletter I wanted to keep it “lite” and asked some of our friends to share their holiday stories with you.  They are funny and heartfelt; I hope they help usher in the holiday spirit for you in these oh-so-busy days.

    As always, we have included some of our favorite gift ideas for those last minute shoppers (like me).  After all, half the fun of shopping is the rush of last minute runs to PetSmart, or midnight cyber shopping, my all time favorite! Actually, Carmen’s big present, a new winter coat, has been purchased and worn, and you can read my review.

    Again, I would like you to be mindful of the hazards that come with strange glowing objects, shiny paper, tempting smells, and the coming and going of holiday guests. Check out the very timely tips from the ASPCA, an invaluable resource and guide.

  • Fall 2014

    20th anniversary

    As we go to web press, summer is over and the school year has begun, so be sure your pets get some extra attention via walks and one on one play time, as they too can suffer from the “empty nest” blues.

    RVC officially celebrated our 20th Anniversary with an Open House on Sept. 7th. It was a great success and to all of you that were able to join us, I thank you and hope you had a great time. Check out our Facebook page for pictures and the winners of our raffle prizes. A lot of great rescue groups were in attendance, and with your generosity, we were able to donate the revenue from the raffles to them.

    In this issue we celebrate the feline in your life: with homage to the traditional Halloween Cat (AKA the Black Cat), some tips from Sarah (another one of our illustrious technicians) on helping your cat to actually enjoy her carrier and some Trick or Treat recipes that your cat will love. (Well, Gert loves them anyway…) I also review The Breeze Litter System for cats.

  • Spring is finally here! Can summer be far behind?

    Gert May 2014 Newsletter

    Spring is finally here . . .bulbs are popping up and their blooms are adding a color and fragrance to the air that is unmistakable.  If your pets are like mine, they know the seasons are changing and the time for increased outside (or window time) is here! 

    In this newsletter I have included some tips on getting your dog back into long walks, camping/hiking trips, and vacation time without “weekend” warrior injuries.  We also discuss ideas for making spring fun and safe for your indoor kitties.

    Then, I'll  introduce you to Fiona, a wonderful West Highland White Terrier who listens as local children read to her, gaining confidence in their abilities.  We also share a video of a long time friend Gracie, another Westie, who not only competes in agility at a national level, but is also a registered Therapy Dog.

    Dr. Rubin will regale us with her recent trip to Cuba and the worldwide interest in organic farming. To wrap up this Spring newsletter, she will also provide some advice regarding fleas, ticks and allergies. Happy spring!

  • 2013 Holiday Gift Guide

    2013 Holiday Gift Guide

    Well it is that time of year again!  Time for holiday cheer and gift giving, and our pets are no exception. So with that in mind we have put together some ideas for the four and two legged friends on your gift list. 

    And, what if even after reading this, you're still not sure what to get?  How about a gift certificate for the new (or experienced) pet owner?  Gift certificates are available for Rockledge Veterinary Clinic, Katie's Pet Grooming and even Lisa Berkenstocks’ My Pet's Teacher training.  You can get the certificates for a specific purpose, for example, the first exam for a new pet, a grooming session, or a Pet Manners class. 

  • Fall is Here!

    Cat in costume

    Fall is here! Yay my absolutely favorite time of year. The crispness to the air, the smell of pumpkin n' spice (Dunkin’ Donuts here I come), the pep in the step of not only little Carmen, but my old girl Gabrielle. She loves to walk around the yard and up to the corner, dogging Carmen in her quest to follow every critter trail that crossed the yard through the night!

    One of the best things about the cold weather moving in is the decline in the insect population: mosquitoes, fleas, ticks, wasps, gnats, etc.   Again the summer was wet and warm which allowed the insect population to seemingly explode! Dr. Rubin is rerunning her article on Flea prevention and treatment with an addendum and tips from the “front desk.”

    Also in this issue, Dr Betty Marcucci gives 10 reasons why you should bring your cat in for a visit once a year and Lisa  Berkenstock discusses introducing a new dog into your home.  And don't forget your furry friends this Halloween, with some Halloween recipes for your cat or dog. 

  • Season's Greetings!

    RockledgeVet Holiday 2012 Newsletter

    The Holiday Season is upon us once again – where has the time gone? It was a long hot summer and fall and hopefully Hurricane Sandy is not a prediction of what this winter’s weather will be. I know that if we don’t have any measureable snowfall, I will be quite happy.

    Coming in February, we will again celebrate Pet Dental Health Month and would love to share some Smilin’ Pet photos here and on our Facebook and Pinterest pages.

    In this newsletter you'll find:

    • Our go-to gift places for pets
    • Healthy holiday treat recipes for dogs and cats
    • Severe weather tips
    • Surviving Pet Food Recalls
    • Sifounas, learning about love from a 4-legged “tornado”
  • The Heat is Gone!

    September 2012

    As Summer winds down, the dog days of July and August are gone and with it (we can only hope) the almost unbearable heat and humidity. I know that I am looking forward to the cooler days and the start of a new season. Our human kids will be starting back to school and we anticipate the routine of the school year. As exciting as it is for us humans, it is a stressful change for our companion animals. From having their human family around almost 24/7, they now have to readjust to more time spent alone. And though it may be difficult to find an extra hour or two, we need to make time for that morning/evening walk, a half hour of fetch and even just lap time. Our pets give us so much; let’s remember to give quality time in return.  Read on for some area training classes and even day trips where you can include your dog. 

    Also let’s not forget our cat’s mental stimulation. They can be so unassuming and quiet, unlike dogs who are more demanding. Sometimes we may forget they need company and exercise also. Cuddle and grooming time each evening, a game of chase the paper ball, or even an empty toilet paper roll filled with treats or catnip can entice your feline buddy into a game of chase.

    In this newsletter you'll find:

    • Ask the Vet:  Why is my dog so itchy all of a sudden?
    • Food Allergies and Intolerances
    • The Training Corner
    • Impulse Control for dogs:  The Waiting is the Hardest Part
    • Fall Recipe Ideas
    • Picking the Right Dog
  • Summer is Almost Here!

    Rockledge Vet Newsletter

    What a Spring we have had! Goldilocks weather, not too hot, not too cold, just right – at least for me and mine. Christopher has been enjoying the fresh air when I open the windows in the morning. He lies on the window sill, scoping out the birds and the neighbors’ cats as they pass by through the day. My old girl Gabrielle likes laying in the sun on the front porch as Grandmom drinks her coffee, and “the baby” Carmen enjoys playing catch and chasing the birds in the morning and before dinner and after dinner and between meals and whenever I can catch a few minutes to play with her. I hope you and your furred and feathered friends are doing the same.

    This month we have some interesting reads including tips on traveling with your pet, along with our own experiences, the heartworm medication shortage, recommendations on proper leads and tasty summer treats for your pets. I hope you enjoy and don’t forget to keep in touch with RVC happenings on Facebook.

  • Baby, It’s Cold Outside ... Not!

    dental care for pets

    Well, it’s newsletter time again and as I write this, the weather is actually getting cold! But that’s to be expected, I guess—after all, it is January. I don’t know about you guys but if the last snow of the season was in October, I am A-OK with that. We have some interesting reads for you this month, as February is AVMA (American Veterinary Medical Association) Pet Dental Health Month. Dr. Laura lets us all know why our pets’ oral health is so important and Dr. Rubin advises us on the importance of “whole” foods in preventing dental disease. I know, I know, your first thought is, “Really? Are you telling me now I have to brush Bruno’s teeth every day?” … or better yet, “How do I fit a tooth brush in my cat’s mouth?” You’ll see that the results are worth the initial effort. Lisa Berkenstock teaches us the best way to go about establishing a positive experience with tooth brushing. Easy to say, right? Well, I’ll tell you what I do for my own pets, and they have nice pearly whites—even the “old” ones.

    In this newsletter you'll also read the story of Zhatan and some cold weather safety tips from me.  Kathy.

  • Holiday 2011

    holiday pets

    The Holiday Season is upon us and where did the year go? As we all scramble to and fro choosing gifts and presents for friends and family we can’t forget our four legged friends. In this Guide you will find some of the things that you imagine could be on our own pet’s wish list, as well as some gift suggestions for you. We’ve included website links (it’s my favorite way to shop) for most items and online stores where you can find the everyday kind of gift at some really good prices. These are our favorite pet shopping sites.

    We have some great tips on keeping your pets safe this holiday season including what is OK to feed them from our table and some homemade treats just for them! If you think that some of the warnings are overblown, go to the links and read the two actual accounts of pets that consumed “benign” foodstuffs. NO Raisenettes and No Xilitol for dogs!

    Our friends at the ASPCA have their own holiday tips, as does the Cat Doctor for cat proofing your home for the holidays.

    Having company at your house? Lisa Berkenstock tells us the best way to handle our much loved pets and when guests arrive.

  • A Celebration of our Canine Friends!

    k-9 memorial

    Can you believe that it’s been two whole years since the premier issue of our e-newsletter? I certainly can’t! I hope that you’ve enjoyed our little publication as much as I’ve enjoyed getting together with some great writers and their ideas and sharing them with you all.

    I have to be honest, this issue is a little delayed ‘cause I just can’t seem to keep my eyes open at night. I don’t know if it’s the change of the season and the shorter days, or trying to keep up with Carmen (somebody remind me why I wanted a puppy!). There have been quite a few times when I have woken up with my nose on the keyboard! There is a lot to be covered this month with the holidays just around the corner and all the wonderful stuff I need to tell you about…

    Since October was the American Humane Association’s Adopt-A-Dog Month, this month we will be celebrating and highlighting our canine companions and all that they mean to us.  First, I want to honor the brave dogs that served at Ground Zero. The selflessness with which they worked and the support and love they gave not only to their handlers, but to the firefighters, policemen, and volunteers was above and beyond the call of duty.  We also have a few articles about other service dogs, senior adoption, and we close with some information about Acupuncture!  Enjoy!

  • The “Spring is finally here” edition!


    Is it Spring yet? I wasn’t much of a snow bunny as a kid (it loses its charm when it takes 20 minutes for your mom to dress you to go out) and as an adult on ski trips with my friends I could almost feel my knees break during ski lessons. Well, after enduring many cold, snowy winters, I still am not crazy about this time of year and neither are my pets. The yard is too slippery for the dogs to play and it’s too cold outside to open the windows so that the cats can sit on the windowsill. But we’re doing our best playing hide-n-seek with tennis balls (dogs) and chasing the fuzzy mouse (cats) to work off the excess energy. And me? I have discovered the joy of Wii Swordplay! OK, I’m a few steps behind but I’m having fun never–the-less while I wait for Puxatawny Phil’s prediction of an early spring to come true.

    In this issue we talk a little about how to make an educated search for a new puppy/dog (all the points hold true for cats too) and the pros and cons of pet insurance. We have some whimsical Ask the Vet questions and of course our own Lisa Berkenstock imparts her words of wisdom from the trainer’s perspective.

  • Fall Edition


    Welcome to the First Anniversary Issue of the Rockledge Veterinary Clinic E-newsletter. RVC E-newsletter sounds OK but don’t you think it needs a catchier name? Like … RockVet News or maybe Rock the Vet? What do you think? Send in your ideas and the winner will receive a $25 gift certificate to their favorite pet store (we like Pabby’s Pet Pantry). We will be publishing the newsletter 4 times a year: November, February, May and August. We would like to hear your ideas and thoughts on what we have done so far. Please email us at: rockledgevet@comcast.net with Newsletter in the subject line.

    Now that the cool weather has returned this is the perfect time to start a walking program with your dog. Now that the time has changed, it is lighter in the early morning and the cooler weather means your four-footed buddy will be raring to go. Remember to start slow, increase your distance gradually and soon (hopefully in 4-6 weeks) a habit will be born.

    We have some great articles and ideas for you in this issue and I hope you not only enjoy reading them, but put them to good use:

    • Some information about the Canine Good Citizen Program
    • Planning ahead:  Care for your pet when you no longer can
    • Ask the Vet:  Chronic Kideny Failure in Cats
    • Grooming Tips
    • Homemade Pet Treat recipes

    Happy Fall and Best Wishes for the Holiday Season to you and yours. Kathy

  • The "We Hope you Like it Hot" Edition


    Let me start off by saying boy is it hot! And then I would like to apologize for getting this issue out a little late. As many of you know I had been caring for my paraplegic pit bull Katie for the better part of a year. Well Miss Kate, as she was called passed away in the beginning of June and then five days later my cat, Sadie, also passed after a brief illness. Needless to say it took me some time to pull this together. I want to thank all of the contributors for their hard work and all of you for your patience. On a brighter note this issue is full of information for not only the hot days of summer but year round - wherever you and your pets may go.

    In this edition we'll talk about:

    • Summer with your pet, including heat and boarding
    • Pets and bee stings
    • Dealing with noise phobic dogs (thunderstorms, fireworks)
    • Pets and heat stroke
    • How to pick a boarding facility
    • Ask the Vet:  K9 Flu

    I hope you enjoy! Kathy Genuardi

  • The Green Edition!

    green edition

    Welcome to the Eco Friendly issue of our newsletter. In honor of Earth Day, April 22nd we will give you tips on how to make your life with your pet a little more eco-friendly.  The whole idea of Earth Day started as an offshoot of the “Plant a Tree” movement back in the ‘70’s when Earth Shoes were the rage and magazine subscriptions included tree seedlings. Now it has grown to a worldwide movement to celebrate our planet and to honor ways to help it continue to be “healthy” in the future through recycling, conservation of our natural resources, eco-friendly energy efficient alternatives and more. Here at RVC we do our part by being sure to recycle plastic, glass, paper, cardboard and packing materials. We advocate the use of a natural grain based cat litter if possible and do our part to promote foods that have been naturally/organically raised for your pets. These diets are not only better for the environment, but, more importantly, the health and well being of your best friend.

    In this issue we have included some great tips for maintaining a healthy and earth friendly environment for your pets both inside your home and outdoors.  We also welcome Dr. Laura to the practice, and in "Ask The Vet" we talk about heartworm.  Enjoy!

  • The Love Edition!

    Patrick Newsletter

    Well, here we are in the middle of this cold, blustery winter and what a winter it has been – snow, snow, snow. So in the spirit of the little cupid boy with the arrow, we are hoping that the following stories of some very special relationships will touch your heart and warm your soul. And, if you have a special story of your own, we would love to hear from you.

    Also, in this issue we "Ask the Vet" about all of those expensive pet foods.  Are they really necessary?  See what Dr. Francie Rubin has to say.


  • The Holiday Issue

    christmas pet photo

    The holiday season is upon us and in the hustle and bustle of shopping for family, friends, and your beloved pets, please give some thought to those cats and dogs that are homeless. While shopping for your furry friends, pick up an additional catnip mouse, a soft puppy toy or maybe some extra food that you can drop off at your local shelter or rescue group. Our own Rosemary DiStefano runs Faith's Hope Rescue and would happily accept any small (or large) gifts. She also visits shelters and can distribute food, toys, beds, etc. to others in need. You can drop off your donations for Rosemary at the Clinic. We hope you will enjoy this edition of the newsletter and find it interesting and informative. It includes articles about the joys and not so joyous hazards of the season. Our "Ask the Vet” column makes a debut, so don't forget to send in your questions. We welcome all comments and suggestions on how we can improve our newsletter. Please email us so that we can better entertain and inform you. We also want to thank everyone who voted for Gertrude in the Halloween contest. Although she did not win, she came in a very impressive 4th place! Yay, Gert! Have a very wonderful and safe holiday!

  • The Premier Issue

    Dog with pumpkins

    We hope you will read it in its entirety, enjoy the stories and learn a tidbit or two. We will be sending the newsletter bimonthly. Our Ask the Vet column gives you the opportunity to ask questions that perhaps you did not get to ask in an appointment. Lisa Berkenstock will be writing about important training techniques and will give you ideas on how to best understand your furry friend. We will be posting special animals who need loving homes. And lastly, but surely not least, we say goodbye to our beloved companions who have recently crossed over the rainbow bridge. So, sit back, relax, and enjoy the read.


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