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Raw & Home-Prepared Diets

Food is medicine

raw pet foodIn the days before commercially prepared and packaged food, most pets ate table scraps—which included a variety of raw and cooked foods—and they thrived and lived healthier lives than many pets do today.

Raw and home-cooked diets can offer many health advantages—but feeding these diets requires education and knowledge on your part in order to ensure that your pet is getting complete and balanced nutrition. We are glad to provide information to help you prepare food for your pet at home or create a raw feeding plan.

Raw diets

Feeding a raw diet can be life-enhancing for many pets. It has been shown to relieve many modern-day ailments, such as allergies, poor coat and skin problems, and even arthritis. However, feeding a raw diet is not as simple as giving your pet a raw hamburger every day and expecting him or her to be healthy. For optimal results, raw feeding must follow a well thought-out plan. There are several approaches to feeding a raw, balanced diet to your pet. You can:

  • Prepare each meal yourself
  • Purchase frozen, nutritionally complete raw food from reputable companies
  • Connect with other raw feeders to obtain the best prices and diet recommendations

Home-prepared diets

Preparing your pet’s food at home lets you control the quality of all the meat, vegetables and nutritional supplements that your pet consumes. (We usually recommend grain-free diets.) Home-prepared diets may include cooked or raw foods or both. Learning how to plan a well-balanced, home-prepared diet requires some study. We can point you toward informational and educational resources and help you ensure that your pet’s diet provides appropriate nutrition.

What to expect

We welcome an opportunity to talk with you about your pet’s diet. We can make recommendations based on your pet’s age and health status. For example, raw feeding is not appropriate for every pet, such as those undergoing immunosuppressive treatments for cancer. We can help you decide what type of diet—fully cooked, raw or a combination—is best for your pet and your lifestyle. The links on this page are good starting points—and refreshers—for pet parents who want to feed raw or home-prepared diets.

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