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A library of links for further reading

catWe strive to help our clients make informed decisions about their pet’s health and well-being.

Rockledge Veterinary Clinic is glad to provide sources of information and education about issues of importance to you and your pet. Please remember that the resources listed below are meant to be educational. They should never be considered a substitute for appropriate and regular veterinary care.

In addition to the links here, our newsletter offers tips on pet care, training, and more, along with “Ask a Vet” and information on adoptable pets.

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General veterinary information

Vet Info


Animal Acupuncture: More Pets Get the Point

Old Dog, New Trick: Acupuncture

The “Paws”-itive Effects of Animal Acupuncture


Allergy Testing and Treatment

Companion animal adoption

Almost Home (Dogs)

Blind Dog Rescue

Collie Rescue of Southeastern Pennsylvania

Faith’s Hope (Dogs with special needs)

Forgotten Cats

Northeast Animal Rescue (Cats)


Petfinder (Cats, dogs, rabbits and other species)

End-of-life care/grief counseling

Abbey Glen

Association for Pet Loss and Bereavement

Paws to Heaven

Pet Memorial Services 


Rainbows Bridge 

Harmful or Toxic Substances

PETMD's Dog Chocolate Toxicity Meter


Academy of Veterinary Homeopathy


Lena’s Story

Handicapped Pets 

Help Me Up

Hospice Care—Ending Life With Compassion 



Pet Insurance Review

Laser therapy

Laser therapy helps dogs with disc disease

Laser therapy for dogs 


Home Again 

Universal Pet Microchip LookUp Tool


Association of American Feed Control Officials

Bravo! Raw Diet

Dog Food Advisor

How to Select a Commercial Pet Food

Monica Segal Nutritional Solutions for Dogs™

PA/NJ Raw Feeding Network

Raw and Home-Prepared Diets

The BARF Diet

Wilmington Animal Hospital: Nutrition

Parasite prevention

The American Heartworm Society

Ticks, Dogs and Disease 

Why is my dog so itchy all of a sudden?

Training and animal behavior

My Pet’s Teacher

How to Choose an Animal Training & Behavior Professional 

A Veterinarian’s View on Puppy Socialization 

Association of Pet Dog Trainers

My Pet’s Teacher 

Vaccinations and titers

Dog vaccines may not be necessary

Titers and Canine Vaccination Decisions

Titers and Feline Vaccination Decisions

Titers: What do they tell us?

Vaccination for Previously Vaccinated Dogs


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