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chippieChip oh Chip, you had a rough start,
Dr. Carrie brought you back
       and you found a place in Kat’s heart!

Furry and feisty and cute as can be
You had a good life here
       and now you can run free.

Fondly remembered and loved by all.

Chip was brought into the clinic by her frantic owners late on a Saturday morning in March of 2006, semi flat and bruised. It seemed her young master, a three year old girl, had inadvertently “squooshed” her under a teacup. Dr. Carrie went to work, gave her an injection of steroids and said “well let’s see what happens” – you see, “squooshed” hamsters don’t have such a great prognosis. The next day I came in to work to feed the cats and lo and behold Chip was up and running in her little hamster wheel. It’s a miracle! After calling her owner, and realizing that Chip was destined to be returned to the pet store (Daddy and Mommy didn’t realize that a three year old is a little too young for such a tiny and fragile pet), Dr. Rubin gave in and let us keep her as the clinic hamster.

As many of you know, she loved running in her little ball chasing the house cats to and fro. Like most of her species she was quick to bite but that was just part of her charm really. Oh and when you cleaned her cage it was fascinating to see how busy she would be trying to get everything just so again.

Chip’s favorite treats were black olives and of course caramel popcorn. She had a good long life for a dwarf hamster and when she passed away in December of 2007 at two years of age she was downright ancient in hamster years!

She is buried here at the clinic with some treats and one of her toys – Diane wrote the tribute above when she died. Even though she was “just” a hamster we all loved her and miss her ...


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