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7/15/94 - 1/26/09

Requiem for a Patterdale
To her friends and admirers this is for Maggie...

The first thought Oh How Cute
And as I came to know you
How Tough, How Cool!

You brought to my life the wonder
Of you and chasing chipmunks
And digging in the dirt
With mud on your face

Searching always searching
For the next little fuzzy,
Four legged or tennis ball
To rend and to tear.

As you took each day
With bravo and gusto
Head on Chest out
Tail aloft, always happy

Your nose always working
And when the day was done
Contentment …

To sit by my side
Or at the end of the hunt
To lay on a warm lap,
Tired but happy
That the day was good

You are old now
But still the Brave Heart beats
As it will always beat
Inside of Mine…

The day has come
To say Goodbye
You told me so last night.

I hope I am to you what
You are to me
Friend, ever loving and loyal

Never your Master Always my Friend
Companion and Soul Mate
On Earth and in Heaven
Until then my Maggie
Until then…..

Love Mommy
AlleyKat's Mad Maggie the Cat


Maggie and Kathy



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