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Puppy Kindergarten

Get your pup off on the right paw

puppyKindergardenEarly training and socialization can help head off many problem behaviors.

What a puppy learns in the first few months of life is critical. Puppy Kindergarten classes can help build the bond between you and your pet and help your pet learn to be comfortable in a wide variety of environments and situations. It may even strengthen your puppy’s natural immunity. Rockledge Veterinary Clinic offers ongoing Puppy Kindergarten classes for small groups.

Puppies can start as early as 8 weeks

Classes are designed for puppies between the ages of 8 and 18 weeks. Small group sizes mean that you and your pup get plenty of personalized attention and lots of time to bond. Our behavioral technician, Lisa Berkenstock of My Pet’s Teacher, uses positive, pain-free methods and teaches you how to motivate your pet. Classes address:

  • Structured play
  • Socialization
  • Problem prevention
  • Introduction to basic obedience

What to expect

Classes meet in the clinic reception area on Saturday mornings and begin promptly at 7:20 a.m. The course consists of six classes, and each class is an hour long.

Proof of vaccination and course fees are required by the first day of class. You should also bring:

  • Signed registration form
  • Your puppy on a 6-foot leash
  • Paper towels
  • Small plastic trash bag
  • Small bag of soft training treats

How to register

For more information on Puppy Kindergarten, please call Lisa Berkenstock directly at 215-900-0125 or email her.

To register, download the registration form, fill it out and or email it to Lisa. In addition, please print out and sign the form and bring it to the first class session.

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